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Are you a rookie in the betting industry? If you are looking for a field that is easy to play and easy to win? What is European Odds? This is truly a form of online soccer betting that you should prioritize.

With a simple, time-saving way to play, they are popular among gamblers in the lottery industry. Please refer to the article below with the expert football review page.

What is European Odds? What is a 1×2 bet?

What is European Odds? What is a 1×2 bet?

European Odds, also known as 1×2 odds, the house will offer a bonus rate corresponding to the Win – Draw – Loss of a football match for you to bet on.

This is the fastest, easiest to play and lightest bet.

The attraction when betting on this type is the struggle between “heart or mind”, often when the bookmaker thinks that your favorite team will lose?

What choice will you make now?

Do you believe in your heart that the home team will win or on the contrary, believe that the result will be as expected by the house?

Football is the king sport because it brings wonderful sublime emotions that no other subject can.

Only 3 types of betting: Win – Draw – Lose can bring so many joys, emotions and opportunities to make money for many generations of gamblers.

Therefore, for those who do not want to spend too much time calculating the difference of half a goal, 1 goal, etc., this is an extremely suitable choice.

To understand better, follow the following example:

  • According to European odds, you bet on 1 x two, equivalent to 2.5 (Win) – 3.2 (draw) – 3.7 (lose) odds.
  • Betting on the home team and winning, the player will receive 2.5% of the first amount from the house. If you bet 10$, you will receive a total amount of 25$.
  • If you bet on a tie and win, you will receive 3.2 times the first bet compared to the house. If you bet 10$, the total profit will be 32$.
  • If you bet on the away team and win the bet, you will receive 3.7 times the initial bet amount. If you bet 10$, you will receive a total of 37$.

Many people still confuse odds with European odds. The article How to predict European odds will explain a lot of information to you.

Great way to play European odds, hundred matches, hundred wins

Great way to play European odds, hundred matches, hundred wins

When betting on 1 x two you need to equip yourself with a lot of skills and knowledge, understand the rules of the game, concepts and tips to maximize your chances.

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Be decisive in making decisions. Win – draw – lose seems very easy, but when you put it on the scale with a heavy capital, you will understand how much pressure there is.

Some of the experiences below will definitely help you a lot.

1. Do not bet on European odds based on multiples

Absolutely do not choose based on everything and must believe in yourself.

Because the bookmakers base their bets on the money flow, the more people who bet on one door, the more likely they are to lose.

Carefully evaluate each team yourself, synthesize all the information before the match to use as data for your assessment.

The bookies are very cunning, often when the first European odds are very different to lure players to invest money.

You can review the article about what soccer bets are to understand how cunning the bookmakers are when making bets.

Once they have gathered enough money to bet, they just need to “flip the bet” or use their own power to influence the match in unexpected ways.

So it’s not always right, it’s completely normal for you to go against the flow in this subject as long as all your analysis has a reasonable basis.

2. Grasp the European odds according to the announcement of the two teams

The forecast will not be completely accurate, but it will help you feel more secure.

However, it is not just a simple prediction but must also be based on the following criteria:

Posture and strength of each team

There is a saying: “Personality is temporary, class is forever”.

Make sure the team you bet on to win is actually in better form or is always performing at a superior level compared to its opponents.

For example, Laos may play better than before, but in the current situation, the chances of winning against Vietnam are almost zero.

Matches like that can be too obvious, the winnings can be small, but you just keep playing, it doesn’t matter if the bets take a long time.

To limit the risk as much as possible, you can refer to the Draw No Bet analysis article to understand how safe betting is.

Playing personality & tactical scheme

Referencing the team’s tactics will help you feel the trend in which the battle will take place.

There are very clear strategies that contradict and suppress each other.

Therefore, players must continuously learn and master football knowledge.

Seeing for yourself the results of the mental battle between the two coaches helps you immediately answer the question of which team has a higher chance of winning.

Past history of confrontation

How many times have the two teams played against each other in the past?

What are the summary results up to now?

Confrontation history is an important basis to help you evaluate more accurately, just spend 1 minute looking up to get detailed information immediately.

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This information is helpful not only for this bet but also for all other bets.

For example, score difference bets => See details about what score difference bets are here.

The importance of the match is near

Understanding the meaning of the match will help you predict more accurately.

For example, in a life or death final, the two teams will play differently. The two teams are tied on points and only need to tie slightly to continue, the match will decide whether or not to be eliminated, etc.

Knowing this information will make decision making much easier.

Avoid playing European odds in the first half

Often in the first half, the players have not yet exerted their strength, both sides are still questioning their opponents, so the tendency of the battle is to easily fall into a passive position.

You should only look to get information, study the kicking strategies of the two teams to bet on the whole match in the second half or prepare for upcoming bets.

At the same time, you have to choose the house with the highest European odds. If you miss, win big.

Experience in standard European Odds

Experience in standard European Odds

How to make the most standard 1×2 odds besides ways such as Analyzing information and analyzing lineups?

In fact, predicting the outcome of a war depends on many factors, no two matches are the same.

You can apply some of the following betting experiences appropriately to get the desired winning result.

Current positions of the two teams

Surely a team that is flourishing will be the best choice instead of a disjointed squad that is performing poorly, right?

Likewise, don’t feel confident putting your money in the door because this will definitely bring you good luck.

Follow the house odds table closely

The best way that many bettors are still using is to analyze the odds that many bookmakers offer on the market.

It’s simple that most highly rated teams will have very low odds and you just need to bet against them.

However, not every match is as simple as that because the bookies also have “lure bets” to deceive players and make you fall into the trap.

Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate this announcement with the betting time to better complete your speculations.

Check odds continuously

Stop betting once and bet from the beginning to the end of the match.

As you can see, betting odds are always fluctuating, and developments on the field are also full of surprises, so 10jili should also be flexible and change our analysis to get it right.

Long-term psychology

A cool head will help you make better decisions in betting.

insist on being very calm to overcome all problems.

European Odds technology – Enter standard bets

Capital is important and needs to be managed properly. Be calm about managing your money to avoid going broke.

Betting according to ability, not because of any motivation, but betting a lot of money leads to consequences later.


Understanding correctly what European Odds is will help you come up with great playing strategies and money-making plans.

Always pay attention to the experiences that we have explained above, they can help you get to the top of the clouds or become rich in just one night.

In this sport of football, nothing is impossible, the level is still better than the sky is certain.

If you want to participate in the match immediately, please refer to how to register a soccer betting account to bet immediately.

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