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Currently we have the 5 biggest football tournaments on the planet, the attraction is undeniable as there is always huge interest. We will review the major football tournaments in the world in jilievo‘s sharing today.

Europa League

Another name is C2 Cup for domestic fans, this is a European Cup tournament organized by UEFA for mid-range teams. There will be 31 – 36 teams participating in UEFA member associations, then adding third-place competition from the C1 “Champion League”.

Due to its high competitiveness, C2 ranks fifth among the world’s largest football tournaments in terms of attractiveness. Although it cannot be compared to the Champions League, it still reflects the professionalism and enthusiasm of the teams that have conquered Europe.

Copa America

The South American football championship, “Copa America,” is held every 3 or 4 years. The tournament gathers teams from the CONMEBOL region and a few other nearby guests. In South America, where many superstars converge with colorful playing styles, such as Messi and Neymar,… the team’s strength is also very significant, so it is the main topic for countries here to compete.

At present, Copa America does not have a set date for its organization, it may take place sometime next year. Of course, in this tournament, most fans pay more attention to Messi. Without him, their interest would probably decrease by half.

Champions League

The attraction of the Champions League is undeniable, as every year, the traditional sound of C1 reverberates in the minds of fans. Each season, the excitement becomes more intense because of the competition and investment of the clubs.

The format of C1 is similar to C2 when selecting the top spots in the domestic rankings. Of course, only in UEFA member associations is this considered the highest tournament at the club level, so any team wants to own the cup.

Every player wants to own the C1 Cup, a testament that helps individuals and teams become more prestigious. Historically, Real Madrid has the most C1 championships, with 14 titles.

Although it is considered an attractive tournament, it is not too difficult for players to reach this title. Because the frequency of the event happens once a year, there is a high chance that potential players will achieve it in the future.


EURO or UEFA EURO is a European football championship, similar to the South American tournament, which only competes with regional teams. Europe is a place where football is strongly developed, and the number of teams is large, so registration and selection will be rigorous.

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We have a highly specialized tournament where the most potent teams compete. EURO is considered a very important tournament for European teams, partly because of the frequency of its organization every 4 years. Because of such organizing time, teams always try to have a complete season, it is not easy to participate many times.

Most recently, in the EURO 2020, Italy was the champion, something quite surprising that no one could have predicted. The attraction and drama lie there because you cannot predict who the champion will be. What EURO brings to fans is not necessarily strength but also pride for the entire nation.

World Cup

The largest football tournament on the planet is the World Cup, where all the strongest national teams gather to compete. The tournament takes place every four years and has currently produced 8 champions, of which Brazil is the country with the most championships (5 times).

The selection process for World Cup participation is extremely harsh. Each continent is divided to select seeds. Each region allocates different spots depending on contribution; for example, Europe has the most spots with 13 – 16. In some cases, continents have to compete in playoffs, which shows that participating is tough. Join a big arena like this.

A lifetime of famous players, indeed, if they had a choice, they would still prefer the Gold Cup because of its prestige. In a place that brings together quality teams, players receive high-frequency training and the expectations of their homeland. The gold cup in hand says it all: a team that owns the gold cup will prove that they are the strongest team when they participate.

Currently, after many years of organization since the first time in 1930, there are only 8 different champions. This number will increase in the future because football is constantly developing.

The above content details the major football tournaments in the world. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more attractive prizes for football fans to experience endlessly.

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